Where to Find Us:

Angie's New York Style Pizzeria


7875 Munson Rd
Mentor, OH 44060

Phone: (440) 209-1491


M-Th - 11 am -10 pm

Fri -  11am -12 am

Sat-  11am- 11 pm

Sun - 1pm - 10 pm




Daily Deals

Family Meals:



1) XL 1 topping pizza, large salad, choice of appetizer, and a 2 Liter of soda. $22


2)  Spaghetti, meatballs, and garlic bread for 4.  $22


3)  2 Strombolis, 12 wings, and 2 cans of soda.  $22


4)  Large 1 topping Pizza, Za Stix, and order of fried dough $20

                                                                 5)  2 pepperoni rolls, za stix, and a 2liter of soda $20








​Monday:  get a 12" cheese pizza for $6.99.  [$1 per topping)


Tuesday:  two topping Calzone's $5.00



​Wednesday: Buy 1 get 1 free pepperoni rolls


Thursday:  choose two 12"subs for just $10 (most subs included)



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  • Ben (Sunday, January 28 18 11:57 am EST)

    I highly recommend this place. I always was a Chicago deep dish kind of person, but this...this is unbelievable.

  • Cody Mackey (Monday, November 06 17 05:33 pm EST)

    Family Meal #1 with double cheese and pepperoni, chicken fincmackeygers

  • Kaitlyn (Sunday, September 17 17 04:01 pm EDT)

    This pizza is absolutely amazing. I live 40 minutes away but it is still worth the drive every time. My favorite pizza place!

  • holli.sidneyermok (Monday, May 22 17 11:02 am EDT)

    Hello! Thank you in compensation your articles! This is very interesting! Go on to write more, with impatience I wishes wait exchange for news from you.

  • Kathryn Mathies (Wednesday, May 10 17 08:05 pm EDT)

    This is THE best pizza I have ever had!!! So happy we tried it....won't eat at any other pizza place! I Brag about Angie's to everyone!

  • Luke Johnson (Wednesday, April 05 17 06:50 pm EDT)

    The only thing better than the pizza is the employees and owners! A+

  • Cathy Di (Wednesday, December 28 16 05:33 pm EST)

    Never knew Angie's existed until they delivered pizza to my home, by mistake, while I was out shopping. I came home with pizza I picked up from another place, to my family mawing down on Angie's. They were expecting pizza and thought I just had it delivered. It was fantastic! I called around till I found it was Angie's that delivered it, apologizing for the mistake and letting them know we would have never accepted someone else's food, but let them know, they were my new favorite place to get pizza! Thanks Angie's!

  • Heather (Thursday, September 08 16 02:37 pm EDT)

    As a self proclaimed pizza snob and having grown up on the east coast just outside of New York City, I am always skeptical about places that claim "NY Style" pizza. We tried Angie's for the first
    time last week and I have to tell you-You guys nailed it!! The pizza was just as good as any I'd find in any pizza joint in the Big Apple! Loved it!

  • Jamie (Saturday, August 13 16 09:29 pm EDT)

    Angie's Pizza catered my son's grad/going away party (Army) for 200. Chris killed it. The taco bar rocked. My guest were so impressed the way Chris and his assistant, Terry cooked to order.

    I strongly recommend using Angie's for your party. There is nothing Chris cannot cook for your party to be the best.

  • Kim Tavano (Saturday, August 13 16 09:03 pm EDT)

    Chris did a great job catering our son's graduation/going away party last weekend! Everyone was raving over the taco bar!!!

  • Noah Sartain (Sunday, April 03 16 05:27 pm EDT)

    Breakfast pizza with thick crust is amazing!!! Chris killed it with this recipe! Must have! A++

  • Angie (Saturday, November 28 15 10:17 pm EST)

    Za Stix are amazing, Plain cheese Pizza great. Fast delivery, easy online ordering. My New Favorite Place!!!

  • Ed (Friday, September 18 15 08:05 pm EDT)

    Catered a party for 60. Great service.
    Every one raved about the food.
    Thanks. Chris.

  • Chrystal (Wednesday, August 19 15 10:51 am EDT)

    Calzones are HANDS DOWN THE BEST!!!! As always, im impressed by the food and will continue to make this my #1 lunch spot!

  • Michelle (Thursday, May 14 15 11:03 am EDT)


  • Dori (Friday, May 01 15 11:29 am EDT)

    Love Love Love your Johnni's Salami sandwiche!! 2 thumbs up for fast service ! you guys always deliver. Thanks

  • Allison (Wednesday, April 29 15 12:55 pm EDT)

    We order from Safeguard Properties for lunch always and love their food!! They are also very nice!

  • Safeguard (Wednesday, April 08 15 10:21 am EDT)

    We love your food!!! Keep up the great work!S

  • Mia (Saturday, February 14 15 08:10 pm EST)

    Wow! Great food and a great value! Thanks!

  • roshelle (Saturday, February 14 15 06:59 pm EST)

    i love your pizza!!!

  • Joe (Monday, February 09 15 06:01 am EST)

    Thank you ever so for you post. Much obliged.

  • Jacki (Friday, November 14 14 09:52 pm EST)

    Had this for the first time tonight and it was delicious! Best pizza around and at a great price. We had the #1family meal and wings and everything was perfect. They even carried my food to my car!
    We\'ll definitely be back!

  • Amanda (Friday, September 12 14 11:28 am EDT)

    We order from here about 4 times a week. We love your food!!!

  • Kate (Tuesday, August 05 14 05:46 pm EDT)

    Best take out food in Mentor. We love it!

  • Vicky (Thursday, June 19 14 05:01 pm EDT)

    Would love to be able to order online!

  • connie (Wednesday, May 07 14 09:07 pm EDT)

    Thank You for Helping shore middle school Drama chub

  • Rob (Wednesday, March 26 14 09:30 pm EDT)

    I have experienced pizzas coast to coast and this is by far, the best pizza I have ever had!

  • Nicole (Thursday, September 05 13 03:44 pm EDT)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this place!!!!!! Our new favorite! The Pizza is great, the house dressing is great, the mozz moons are yummy!